Tearfund's transport

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) has a strong partnership with Tearfund in southern Sudan.

Here, MAF flew more for them than any other organisation over the first three months of 2009.

The vast distances and cripped infrastructure means that overland travel is time consuming, tiring and sometimes dangerous. MAF's aircraft can quickly and efficiently enable medical and relief workers and vital goods to safety reach their bases.

The programmes our flights support include:

  • running primary healthcare units,
  • feeding programmes,
  • water and sanitation provision, and
  • community empowerment.

Ten-year-old Agam is happy that Tearfund is there.

She managed to walk with very painful swollen feet to one of their medical units, but could go no further.

She had been suffering with a fungal infection in her feet since she was three - an easy condition to treat if you have access to a local pharmacy, but not so easy in Sudan.

Tearfund transported her the ten miles by road to their clinic in Panthau.

Pilot Roland Sedlmeier co-ordinates the unloading of Tearfund's relief supplies from the Pilatus PC12 aircraft in Padak, southern Sudan. 937 Agam, aged 10, helped by Tearfund in southern Sudan (image courtesy of Kelsey Hoppe, Tearfund)

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