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Our work to help the poorest people in the most remote areas of the world needs long-term investment. This is why the major support we receive from individuals and charitable trusts is essential.

Donors looking to make a gift of £10,000, or over, could help purchase a plane, or fund our flying. Whichever option you choose we will work with you to ensure that you know that your gift has made a big difference.

Funding our programme in South Sudan

Following decades of civil war, the people of Africa’s newest nation, South Sudan are now beginning to plan for a better future but they still face many challenges. Millions have little or no access to clean water, secure food sources, healthcare or education. The most vulnerable people often live in the hardest to reach locations, which means that our aircraft and airstrips play a unique role in ensuring the on-going provision of humanitarian aid and the means of future development.

MAF currently has two nine passenger Cessna Caravan aircraft permanently based in Juba. This is augmented by up to six similar aircraft which fly into South Sudan each week from our programmes in Kenya and Uganda to assist with the flight programme. There are now 90 dirt airstrips, many maintained by the local people with a little help from MAF.

Our 100 plus partners, large and small, have been able to establish and maintain programmes to reach people in need wherever they might be living in the full knowledge that the vital, safe, reliable, and time-saving aviation support will be there for their staff to undertake and monitor their projects. In 2012 we carried over 7,500 passengers, covered more than one million km and undertook over 1,000 flights. Working closely with our partners, each year hundreds of our flights make it possible to address needs relating to poverty and hunger, access to safe drinking water, healthcare, education and spiritual growth.

If Medair couldn’t fly with MAF, we wouldn’t be able to do anything. MAF is very important to what we do – 90% of all our work is made possible as a result of MAF aircraft. South Sudan has almost no infrastructure – we have to fly – even if the infrastructure improves – insecurity will still mean we can’t drive safely.Lynas, Procurement Manager, Medair, South Sudan

  • A gift of £33,500 would fund a month’s flying for essential projects of one of our planes in South Sudan .
  • A gift of £11,000 would fund 20 hours of flying for the Sudan shuttle flight, ensuring MAF’s services remain affordable for smaller, national NGOs.

Essential Projects that Transform lives

A staggering 47% of the population living in rural areas of South Sudan do not have access to safe drinking water, which forces millions to move from one location to another on a regular basis in search of new water sources. Alaska Sudan Medical Project (ASMP) are building a health centre, digging water wells, and building a latrine system. Their goal is not just to deliver clean water, but to deliver a hands-on-education by teaching the young men of the village how to drill for water. We support partners, such as ASMP, who provide access to clean water and are improving hygiene and sanitation standards amongst the local population.

Severely malnourished and in desperate need of medical care, the people of South Sudan suffer further from a lack of even the most basic health services. Medical care, where it is available, is often at least two days’ walk away. We ensure that medical equipment and teams arrive quickly and safely. Vaccines for both mother and child vaccination programmes need to be kept at low temperatures, which are hard to maintain during a long and arduous overland journey.

Tearfund’s programmes couldn’t exist without MAF’s help. A ton of drugs for our health clinic was delivered before breakfast one morning. Hundreds of people helped unload bandages, antibiotics, mosquito nets, syringes, medicines and two birthing tables. They also delivered seeds and essential equipment, along with samples of water from newly dug boreholes. The samples were then flown (by MAF) to Nairobi to test the water quality.Lucy Young, Programme Support Co-ordinator, Tearfund, South Sudan 

We support partners who restore sight and independence to people where there are limited or no healthcare facilities or clinics. In just a very short 10-15 minute operation, a person’s life is completely transformed by a simple cataract operation, restoring their sight. Christian Mission Aid (CMA) established a clinic in Jaibor, deep in remote South Sudan, providing experts on the ground to restore the physical health of the nation.

One flight for a team of medical specialists and medicines to be flown to Jaibor saves many hours of travel by canoe on the Nile river.

Primary education rates in South Sudan are one of the lowest in the world! It is estimated that more than one million children, who are eligible for primary school education do not have access to basic education and there is mass illiteracy.

This is either because they do not have access to a school, or have been displaced, or their parents cannot afford to pay for their education. The Valentino Achak Deng Foundation, a local charity aims to help rebuild war-affected South Sudanese communities by increasing access to education. The high school they set up in Marial Bai is now in its fourth academic year and has more than 400 students, including a dormitory for more than 100 young women – more female students than at any other high school in the country!

A gift of £16,500 would fund 30 hours of flights in support of a local charity.

Decades of civil war and oppression have left vast region of the country insecure, causing trauma to thousands of people and dividing families and friends. We support partners working on peace building initiatives, who have enabled former enemies to come together. The Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) has been working with groups who fled Sudan, either during the war or because of attacks from the Lords Resistance Army (LRA), and have returned to find that their homes have been destroyed and there are no schools or healthcare facilities. The MCC is helping to rebuild these facilities and to help people grow their own crops, so that they can sustain their own livelihoods - which, in turn, helps to promote peace and stability in South Sudan.

Religion has been a pivotal factor in the conflict between the mainly Arab north, and the mainly Christian south, and is one of the greatest challenges facing the future of South Sudan.

Our experience has demonstrated that, if MAF flights have enabled a medical clinic to be established in a remote area, the door is open to the development of other ministries, eg educational work or evangelism. Christian Mission Aid (CMA) primary healthcare clinic in Keew serves a population of 29,000 people but has no church building, so Christians meet in the clinic on Sunday. CMA has begun a Bible study, and is starting Christian outreach with an emphasis on teaching literacy.


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