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South Africa has played a key part in the activities of MAF from the early beginnings, with staff joining the early operation in Sudan.

MAF began work in 1970 in the Transkei (now south-eastern South Africa). The programme supported medical work and administrative needs of several missions based there. The flying started in 1971 with a Cessna 180 aircraft. In 1976 a Cessna 185 was purchased which was funded by the local Transkei Government. The Transkei programme ended in mid 1979.

Following a further survey of missions in Transkei, the programme was temporarily restarted in 1983 for one year. A new programme for Transvaal (today’s northern South Africa) started in 1987. During the years that followed flying continued and the programme slowly gathered strength.

In the early 1990s, flying in Transvaal reduced, but needs in other areas increased. Following peaceful elections in South Africa in 1994, there was a need to fly into other parts of southern Africa as churches and missions were free to reach out to Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique, Namibia and Malawi.

Today, MAF continues to serve missions across southern Africa with a focus on an initiative to provide healthcare in remote northern parts of the country.

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    How can a child not know to unwrap a gift? We faced this situation when we flew in Christmas shoebox presents to crèches in South Africa's remote Venda region.

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