Sharing God's love in Kenya

A Gospel Fire International team are rejoicing after they held a series of evangelical meetings in Moyale and Marsabit, north-eastern Kenya. MAF aircraft helped to transport the team there.


Evangelist Peter Franz was full of excitement following the outreach in Moyale:

‘It was a major breakthrough. The Lord was so good to us and many got saved, healed and delivered. The Lord even confirmed his Word by sending rain immediately the following day when we prayed for it. It was a big sign to the people. The country has been so dry and the livestock of the people are dying. God is so good!

One Somali man cried while standing in the crowd listening to the Gospel being preached even though he could not even understand English or Borana. Later on he said to one of our staff who could speak Somali, he said "I felt God´s presence on that field and I want to receive this Jesus as my Lord and Saviour".

MAF flew a Gospel Fire International team to Moyale, Kenya, where they held an evangelistic outreach. This girl was deaf and dumb and suddenly got healed. Her father a muslim could not believe his eyes. He was overexcited.This girl in Moyale was deaf and dumb and suddenly got healed. Her father could not believe his eyes. He was overexcited.Peter Franz, Gospel Fire International

Whole families came to know the Lord. A family of eight sought a pastor and said that they want to move and follow Jesus. Many are being persecuted now for answering the call. But from what I saw, they will not want to trade that what they have received for anything in the world. We too got some beating as well, but even though it rained stones, none of us or our vehicles got damaged. It truly was a divine appointment.'

Healing ministry

Becki, wife of evangelist Peter Franz, shares from her time in Marsabit: ‘It was a joy for me to experience afresh how wonderful God works among us.

Gospel Fire International's Becki Franz with four-year-old Robert and his mother. God healed Robert from his deafness and dumbness. MAF flew the GFI team to Marsabit.
'A young woman came to the meeting every day with her four-year-old son Robert. The little fellow was deaf and dumb from birth. Every day, the mother stood right at the front in tears during the altar call, and every day I prayed with her.

'On the last evening, we prayed again. To my surprise, he could suddenly hear! The mother started to cry big tears of joy. I cried with her.

'He looked like a normal little boy all of a sudden. His whole countenance changed.

‘God really built up my faith in those moments. God can and does heal, even when we get so discouraged at times. I want to give Jesus all the glory. The greatest miracle of all is when people are born again. What a privilege it was to share Christ’s love with these Borana and Rendille people.’

Thank you so much for these flights! I am moved by your passion for the unreached.Peter Franz

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