Post-quake story: Buckets and water filters

James, leader of the Texas Baptist Men’s Water Bucket project told this amazing story.

His group provided 10,000 orange buckets with simple water filters and a small Bible tract to various mission groups for distribution.

A Haitian man asked if he could have one of the buckets being handed out. After inquiring about the tract, discussing it, and praying to receive Christ, he stated emphatically that ‘OK, now I have to burn it.’

‘What do you mean?’ ‘Come with me.’ Puzzled, James’ co-worker went with the new believer to his tent and to the rubble of his home where he helped haul arm loads of valuable items to a ditch and burned them.

Buckets contianing a simple water filter and a Bile tract are loaded into the MAF Kodiak aircraft

‘Why are you burning these things?’, the Texas missionary asked. ‘Don’t you know who I am?’ the Haitian asked incredulously. ‘Didn’t you know who I was when you gave me the bucket with the Jesus paper?’

The Texan had no idea who he was. The new believer went on to explain that he was the district bishop of the voodoo church for that part of Port-au-Prince.

The believer continued, 'A few days before the earthquake, we recommitted our country to the voodoo gods and then we get this earthquake. I’m tired of serving Death and Darkness. Then you come, strangers who don’t even know us, and share about Jesus who is the Way of Life. That’s what I want.’

The provision of water filters is essential to ensure that the people of Haiti are as a reduced risk of diseases during the disaster. MAF was privileged to play a role in the distribution of this equipment.

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