Pilatus PC12

Pilatus PC12

A very swish plane with long legsBryan Pill, MAF pilot

Operating in Kenya, MAF’s PC12 carries up to 1,250kg of freight or 10 passengers. With long range capability and a cruising speed of 285mph, it carries more payload further and faster than any other aircraft in the fleet.

Perfect for long range travel, the PC12 reaches Somaliland in just 3½ hours. The retractable undercarriage means it is more streamlined, reaching higher speeds and enabling more efficient travel. The faster journey time helps a Christian Blind Mission team to arrive quickly and in comfort, ready to begin work straight away. The pilot can return to base that same day, and the aircraft is ready for another flight the next day, or even that afternoon.

With excellent short take off and landing capability, the aircraft is still ideal for the rudimentary airstrips in Kenya and southern Sudan.

Cruising at 30,000ft, the PC12 is the optimal aircraft for medical emergency flights. At this height, most bad weather can be avoided making the flight smoother for the patient and the medical team. 

Pilatus PC12 Facts  

The single turbo-propellor is powered by a Pratt and Whitney Canada jet engine which uses the more widely available jet fuel. Capable of reaching most of east and central Africa without refuelling, the PC12 is particularly useful in areas where fuel is not readily available on the ground.

A spacious cabin provides comfort for passengers, and the large door behind the wing makes freight easy to load.

Equipped with sophisticated aids including twin satellite navigation receivers, a full autopilot and an electronic flight and engine instrumentation system, pilots are alerted to any potential problems, and able to avoid them.

With excellent range, payload, speed, comfort and flexibility, the PC12 enables pilots to reach more destinations quicker than ever before, providing the best service for our partner organisations and the people they serve.

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