Paul and Clare Woodington

Brought up in Bristol, Paul met Clare, a Lincolnshire girl, in Richmond.
After coming to Christ together, we were married in 1990. God has blessed us with two girls, Kiri and Imogen, and two boys, Aaron and Tristan.

In the UK, Paul spent 30 years in IT as a development engineer in areas including medicine, retail and finance. Clare was a nurse for 25 years working in care of the elderly and in the surgical ward of Lister Hospital in Stevenage.

God seeded our lives with MAF in 1991, when we listened to an MAF presentation at our church. That seed grew for 13 years, until the tsunami in 2004, when our hearts and compassion for those who were affected by the disaster made us reflect on our lives and seek practical ways of serving the Lord. In December 2005, we arrived in Melbourne, Australia, and our new life with the Lord started.

We took our family to the Bible College of Victoria for flight training and biblical preparation, on a two-year mission aviation course run in partnership with MAF and JAARS.

We will serve the Lord through MAF as a pilot family in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territories of Australia. The Aboriginal people who live there are in the most remote areas, mostly inaccessible overland, except by foot or aircraft. They have deteriorating health and very little hope. MAF’s presence in Arnhem Land is paramount to the continuing Gospel presence there, as most missions of the 1970s have closed. MAF’s humanitarian role is a lifeline for the impoverished people of Arnhem Land.

We have many life experiences, which we believe God gave us for our future in mission work. Our prayer is that God will continue to bless our family; developing all of our talents and gifts for the job the Lord has given us to do, wherever that may be, serving Jesus Christ through the work of MAF.


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