My Journey with MAF

The Pastors

31 May

Report by Pastor Willie

Seeing how perfect God’s plans are, a pastor in Papua New Guinea shares about his flight with MAF to attend a conference. Although low clouds delayed his arrival at the conference, read on to see how God’s timing was just right….

After a short night’s sleep, we were ready to be at the airstrip at 5.30 am. It was a cold and foggy morning as we walked down our mountain to the airstrip. The Wycliffe Bible Translators’ aviation bus came to pick us up; then we waited and waited. Those low, thick clouds were preventing the MAF plane from taking off from Goroka to come and pick us up so that we could go to Christian Leader’s Training College (CLTC) to attend the Langham Preaching Conference.

When the plane did finally arrive, we were all so very excited! Now we could get to CLTC to learn more about how to design and better present our sermons.

As we flew up above Aiyura Valley it was so very exciting, for some of us who had never flown before. I saw my house and church and it made me smile. This is how God sees us from way up…

We were a bit anxious that, due to the delay, we would be missing out on those very important first moments of the course. It appeared that we had arrived and were about to land, but as I looked out my window I realized this was not the CLTC Bible School. We were in the middle of nowhere. There were some people on the small airstrip below; wow, this was serious. There was a man on a stretcher with a drip. He was severely wounded. The people had been trying to get him to medical attention, but no one had been able to get to them to help him. But MAF came, and praise God; there was enough space for him on the stretcher and his two caretakers.

I started feeling so guilty that earlier I had been upset that we were going to be late and miss our first session. For the sake of this man, we had arrived at exactly the right moment. God is His Jehovah Jireh too. That we were going to be a few hours late for our very first session that morning now became just a minor detail. I was so blessed to witness MAF helping out people in dire need.

We arrived at CLTC during the break time, got settled and ready for the next session to begin. As we studied we realised that for us, who had never flown before, what a blessing it was. We had experienced exactly what the teacher was explaining.

God, Your plan is so great, and You know all the details. Thank You for the network of ministries that You provide to strengthen the work of the Church in Papua New Guinea.



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