MAF in Haiti - update

Injured Haitians

Brian Shepson, an MAF flight instructor, recently returned from assisting in the Haiti disaster response, reports: 

The number of maimed and injured in Haiti is staggering!   The medical teams in the field hospitals are doing thousands of amputations - so many people have injured limbs that either are unrepairable or didn't get medical attention in time to save them.

This week marks the two month anniversary of the earthquake which struck Haiti, claiming the lives of over      200,000 people and leaving thousands of others homeless, hungry and in need of medical attention.

MAF’s team on the ground has grown and is flying non stop with 4 aircraft and a team of pilots on rotation, as well as continuing to provide communication and logistic support for aid coming in and organisations working on the ground.

In addition to working with several partner organisations, MAF has been helping to assign aid, distributing it to where the need is greatest. Our hangar remains a hive of activity.

Stories from the field:

Organisations we’re working with include World Food Programme (WFP) and Operation Blessing.

Disaster response Manager John Woodberry writes: 

We continue to do lots of food flights for IDP (Internally Displaced People) populations in remote areas. So far we have received approx 80 tons of food from WFP.

Most of this was distributed within a few days. Flights to the newly opened airstrip at Fond de Blancs have enabled this community to receive food. These remote areas used to receive their food stocks from Port au Prince which has now been cut off.

New airstrip Fond de Blancs 
Food suppliesFood distribution
Report from our partner organisation, Operation Blessing:

Operation Blessing has been working with MAF to make food drops all over Haiti in places where there are large, hungry groups of displaced families.

We took off from Port-au-Prince and climbed to where the tent cities looked like patchwork quilts below.

Our cargo on this run was boxes of ready-to-eat meals, destined for a mission group supporting over 1,500 people.

We landed on a grass strip and had only just stopped the engine when the plane was approached by a large group of men eager to see what our cargo was.

A group of American missionaries met us and pulled their truck up to the plane. We formed a tight human chain and began to unload the boxes of meals. Hardly any supplies had reached this area despite a huge displaced population.

To get supplies to this place by road would take a long time and be dangerous; in times like these, the Kodiak is an amazing tool.

Several Flights for an orphanage run by a lady called Danita have brought children who are too injured to travel by road.  

She said three children could not go with the rest by road. One young boy had just had a metal plate put in his leg, a young girl had an amputated right arm, and a boy had an amputated left leg.


Flights continue daily to provide support for medical teams bringing patients to hospital, to bring supplies and to support the relief efforts especially in the remoter areas.

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