The Kenya programme also flies into South Sudan, Rwanda and Somalia.

MAF began flying in Kenya in 1959, initially supporting the work of Africa Inland Mission (AIM). Aircraft were flown across Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda without the need for border permissions. The East African Community collapse in the mid-1970’s resulted in border controls being established.

In the 1970’s, AIM Air was established as a separate flying organisation. Soon there was duplication of flying services from Nairobi. Following an extensive survey of MAF’s work in East Africa, the Kenya operation was closed in 1977 and operations were transferred to Tanzania. The church had requested a permanent base in Dodoma and it was felt that AIM Air could adequately service the needs in Kenya.

With growing MAF operations in Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo), Sudan and Tanzania, there was an increasing need for logistical support and flights between bases and the Kenya operation re-opened. Larger aircraft were brought in to support the flying from this base.

Since 1980, our aircraft in Kenya have served the surrounding countries as permissions have allowed. Much of the flying has been directly affected by the collapse of infrastructure within the country and by political events in neighbouring countries. The Kenya operation is unique as it has a regional function, serving the neighbouring countries of South Sudan, Somalia and the DRC as well as flying within country.

International flying makes up most of Kenya’s flying, much of this into South Sudan, although this is changing as our base in Juba expands.

The Kenyan operation also includes the area of Aviation Services for MAF and a large Information Services department, serving MAF and many other missions.

Some of the organisations served by MAF in Kenya:

AIM International
Balaah Primary School
Christian Blind Mission (CBM)
Diocese of Lodwar
Food for the Hungry
Gethsemane Gardon Christian Centre
Marsabit Childrens Home
Rotary doctors
SERV Ministries
Sheepfold Ministries

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