Hope arrives in small Papuan village

11 May 2012

A small Papuan family stood along the small airstrip with all of their worldly possessions
waiting for the small red, white and blue plane to come into sight.

MAF's Kodiak aircraft would take them to their new life as missionaries in the village of Derepos.

Though only a few mountain ranges away from the cool mountain town of Mulia where they grew up, the village of Derepos is vastly different. It is flat and hot and, unlike Mulia which has a thriving church, people in Derepos have never heard of Jesus.

Derepos has had an airstrip for several years, but this Dani missionary family from Mulia will be their first opportunity to hear the Gospel.


Pilot Nathan Fagerlie loaded the family, along with their possessions, into his Kodiak. After a few sorrowful goodbyes to family and friends in Mulia, they were off to their new life.

Upon landing in Derepos, a crowd of people overwhelmed the aircraft, greeting their new
friends. Tears of joy flowed from each person there, knowing that this little Papuan missionary family was bringing them news of hope.



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