Aircraft have been so powerful in spreading death and destruction during the war. Why can’t they be used to bring life and hope in peace time? 

Amazingly, God put this same thought simultaneously into the minds of airmen in the UK, USA, Australia, and South Africa. They didn’t know each other at first. Connecting later, each group took the common name of Mission Aviation Fellowship.

This was the thought of a few young Christian Air Force officers including MAF UK co-founder Stuart King towards the end of WWII. ‘Let’s seek to use small planes to bring help to needy people in the inaccessible areas of out world. MAF USA and MAF UK both began in 1945. These were the first two groups to start operations and were soon followed by MAF Australia.

These three operational groups all had very small beginnings. Each lost an aircraft early on. Each learnt many lessons flying in remote regions and difficult terrain – mountains, jungles and swamps.

MAF US went to Mexico with a Waco Biplane in 1946. MAF UK’s first aircraft was a twin-engined Miles Gemini which flew to Africa on a 9 month survey. It left from Croydon airport in January 1948. MAF Australia began flying with an Auster ‘Avis’ aircraft in new Guinea in 1951.

A number of other smaller support and operating groups have come into being since those beginnings.

Today, MAF has grown to a worldwide fleet of over 130 aircraft operating in more than 30 countries.

From its small and struggling beginnings MAF has grown into a highly developed organisation. God has done great things.

Mission Aviation Fellowship

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