Feature - Haiti quake 6 months

January’s earthquake - an event that changed the nation of Haiti. More than 200,000 people died, and over a million more were made homeless.

Six months later, and the needs are still great. Thanks to our Supporters, MAF has and continues to make a vital difference in carrying aid and hope to those affected. Here are just two quotes from beneficiaries:

'Thank you for your willingness to be God's instruments in these people's lives.'

'All the trips you have made up here with supplies have been so encouraging and brought so much joy.'


Find out more about MAF's involvement below.

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  • Clearing of rubble continues in Port-au-Prince several months after the earthquake struck Haiti
    Haiti: 6 months after devastation

    (05 Aug 2010)

    January's earthquake. It was an event that changed the nation of Haiti. More than 200,000 people died, and over a million more were made homeless. Half a year later, is the nation on the road to recovery?

  • Mika, soon after the quake struck Haiti
    Post-quake story: Crushed feet

    (04 Aug 2010)

    It was an unplanned series of circumstances that came together which saved Meka's life. Aged nine, both of the young girl's feet were crushed in the earthquake. Now, six months later and back home, Meka is a much happier girl...

  • JD and Staci Calkin, working with the Salvation Army in Haiti
    Post-quake story: Building 5,000 shelters

    (04 Aug 2010)

    'MAF has been instrumental to our operations', writes the Salvation Army, committed to build 5,000 shelters for the displaced people of Haiti following the devastating earthquake

  • Unloading food in Anse Rouge
    Post-quake story: Fast food

    (04 Aug 2010)

    With emergency food aid arriving in Port-au-Prince following the earthquake, MAF played a key role in bringing the food to isolated people in Haiti

  • Buckets contianing a simple water filter and a Bile tract are loaded into the MAF Kodiak aircraft
    Post-quake story: Buckets and water filters

    (04 Aug 2010)

    As MAF delivers equipment for clean drinking water for people affected by the earthquake in Haiti, an unlikely Haitian also receives the Water of Life...

  • Post-quake story: Serving the vulnerable in Jacmel

    (03 Aug 2010)

    Since the earthquake struck Haiti, MAF has been a lifeline to the southern town of Jacmel. Calvary Chapel Haiti is one of the missions our aircraft supports.

  • Sumatra Dish
    Progress in Disaster Response

    (09 Mar 2010)

    MAF's comparative experience in setting up communication capabilities in Haiti vs. Sumatra

  • Update from Haiti

    (16 Feb 2010)

    One month on from the devastating earthquake, MAF's aircraft continue to fly to outlying areas bringing supplies to people in need. Harry Berghuis reports on some of MAF's flights...

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