Drought and famine in Kenya

Prolonged drought in Kenya has led to a serious shortage of water and food.

Lack of rain has caused crops to fail. The affected regions usually harvest their crops once a year planting in April and harvesting in September but this year the rains failed to come.

Cattle herders are struggling to keep their herds alive.

According to the World Food Programme it is the worst drought since 2000.

Reports suggest that nearly four million people are now in need of food aid.

Ruth Moores, Information Coordinator for MAF in Kenya, warns, 'The situation in northern Kenya is extremely serious. The prediction is that there will be good short rains from October to December. But if the short rains don't come, then I fear that Kenya is heading for disaster.'

MAF's response

Our planes took food supplies on one of our regular flights to Lodwar - one of the areas in the north badly affected by drought.

The food was collected by Tony Woods from the Diocese of Lodwar and distrubuted to two nursery schools that are having difficulty getting relief supplies.

Another flight to Lodwar carried a ton of Unimix -  an enriched high energy porridge mix, suitable for malnourished people. This was distributed by pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

Pilots Gero and David also flew to Laisamis taking a ton of food on behalf of Chrisco Church who took charge of distributing it to the wider community.

Other parts of East Africa are also facing food shortages due to drought.


Dry, parched land and dried up river bed in northern Kenya Unloading emergency food supplies in northern Kenya Delivering emergency food supplies in Kenya

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