Bean hear!

For 7 year old Anna, it was very special when a medical mission team arrived at her home town of Lusinga on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya.

MAF flew the team of 11 people from two American churches for a mission to Christ’s Gift Academy (CGA).

Team leader Dr Jeff Folk wrote, ‘We treated close to 1,000 patients in our 4 full-day clinics and 2 half-day clinics. Local Kenyan pastors preached the good news as the patients waited and there was also time for prayer after they went through the clinic.

'It is a blessing for CGA to host a team that can reach out to the surrounding community and provide quality services that are much needed, while also reaching their hearts spiritually. We hope and pray that the patients that did not know God before coming, would commit their lives to Him and join one of the local churches to be nurtured.’

Overwhelmed with joy

Young Anna had not been able to hear out of her right ear since she was 2.

She was almost the last patient on the first day and physician assistant Dave Brost could tell that something was wrong and sent her away to have drops in the ear for 2 days.

When she returned he removed 2 black seeds but it was still not right. So more days of drops until the last day of the mission, when after several attempts at flushing the ear Dave was advising her to go to an ENT specialist.

Dave writes, ‘Just prior to leaving we decided to flush the ear one last time. To my utter amazement and only by the grace of God; this time it worked! A small piece of brown material began to exit the ear canal. I scooped it out and recognized it as a half of a bean. Amazing!

‘Anna and her mother confirmed that she could hear and were overwhelmed with joy.'


Team leader Dr Jeff Folk continues, “I first want to thank you and all of the MAF staff who assisted in that flight. The pilots were awesome! This was actually my fourth trip to Mbita and each trip provides incredible stories of how God uses us to reveal his love for everyone.

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